About Us
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About Us

About 10 years ago I really got the gardening bug and I have to say I haven’t really looked back since. My wife and I love spending time in the garden outside and we’re just as enthusiastic about our indoor growing operation as well. It’s become a labor of love and every year we set the goal of expanding our operation a little bit further. The great thing about living today is that we have so much information available to us at our fingertips and it’s very satisfying for me to be able to contribute to that knowledge tree.

As I grow older I’m continuously looking for new and innovative ways to not only help me to grow more plants, but also to grow them more successfully and easily. With the right tools in place, creating a great indoor garden doesn’t have to be a difficult process. This site was created as a result of my own passion for gardening and the desire to find all of the right tools to perfect my indoor growing skills, and to pass that knowledge along to others.

At this stage in my journey as an indoor growing enthusiast I’m quite confident in the belief that LED lights are the way to go and that’s why you’ll find they are the focus of this site. You may or may not agree with me, but either way I hope you find a lot of information here that’s useful. I’ve done a lot of research into this topic and this site is the end product of that research. You’ll find an array of different LED lights reviewed here and hopefully a lot of helpful informational articles as well. Creating a successful indoor growing operation doesn’t need to be a difficult task as long as you’re prepared, and hopefully the fruits of my personal journey that I’ve shared here we’ll make your own journey that much easier.

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